Blood N Bone 5KG


$14.50 each


Terra Firma’s Blood & Bone product avoids many of the problems associated with traditional Blood & Bone powder. Blood & Bone is traditionally a sterile product from the cooking and drying process. Hard to spread in a powder form and can easily wash away after application. We have added a percentage of carbon-rich, fully-composted chicken manure which introduces large numbers of beneficial microbes, making this new product biologically active and helping to release natural nutrients faster than traditional Blood & Bone. The convenience of pellets means the product won’t wash away and is easier to spread by hand or spinner. This product is BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input.

Benefits of Terra Firma Blood & Bone:

  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input & Australian Organic Registered Garden Product
  • High Performance, easy to use pellets

Application Rates:

General: Normal application rate of 200g per square metre.

Vegetable & Annual Flowers: Apply 200g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers

Roses, Fruit Trees & Shrubs: Apply between 200-300g per square metre twice yearly, lifting the rate toward 300g if the fruit tree is established.

Broad Acre Spreading: Apply 200-400kg per acre, on pasture; late Autumn & Winter apply liberally enabling the soil to be primed for production in Spring.

Australian Native Plants: Use no more than 25g per square metre around Australian Native Plants.