Lime Impact 25KG


$22.95 each


Lime Impact is an easy to spread, pelletised lime blend; a ground-breaking innovation combining fully composted organics, high calcium lime, boron and silicon with the advantages of broad-spectrum background nutrition to support healthy soils and plants. Lime Impact can be placed accurately without the fear of excessive fine dust being lost in the breeze. This product is BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input.

Benefits of Terra Firma Lime Impact:

  • Easy to spread, pelletised blend
  • Calcium impacts on all three soil health areas – physical, chemical and biological
  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input & Australian Organic Registered Garden Product

Application Rates:

General: Normal application rate of no more than 200g per square metre twice yearly.

Vegetable & Annual Flowers: Apply no more than 200g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers twice yearly.

Fruit Trees: Apply between 200-300g per square metre twice yearly, lifting the rate toward 300g if the fruit tree is established.

Broad Acre Spreading: Apply 200-400kg per acre as both a soil conditioner and fertiliser twice yearly.

Australian Native Plants: Use no more than 50g per square metre around Australian Native Plants.