Glass Reinforced Concrete Pots – Bowen Bowl


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Dimensions shown are Diameter by Height.


Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Pots are made from concrete, with glass fibres mixed in. The glass fibres give extra strength meaning the walls are quite thin but still strong and lightweight.

 Size Diameter Height Price 
1 115cm 51cm $599
2 95cm 47cm $479
3 84cm 41cm $359
4 75cm 38cm $229
5 66cm 33cm $129
6 58cm 28cm $99
7 49cm 24cm $59


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Bone, Charcoal, Galah, Ironstein


110x85cm, 115x51cm, 29x22cm, 41x30cm, 49x24cm, 52x40cm, 58x28cm, 66x33cm, 68x51cm, 75x38cm, 84x41cm, 86x66cm, 95x47cm