Sand for landscaping

Coarse River: This medium coarse river sand is great for paving and tiling. Suitable to use as a top dressing and to provide drainage to water prone areas. Can also be used for mortar as well as sand to create your own concrete.

Ballina Sand: Triple washed pure white sand, this is perfect for creating white mortar and for a children’s sandpit. This is the best sand to use for holding synthetic turf in place.

Fill Sand: This sand is a basic sand which can be used to fill areas where the ground needs raising.


Sand for masonry

Brickies Loam: This is used for Bricklayers to create mortar. It is a product consisting of Loam and sand.

Plasterer’s sand: Plasterers sand is used for plastering and rendering. This is also suitable as a playground sand. It is fine, double washed with no clay content.

Roof Tilers Loam: Orange in colour, this fatty sand is used for tiling roofs.