Termite Resistant

Our premium range of all natural, organic and sustainable mulches will give your garden that distinguished look that will last.  100% genuine Cypress Mulch products have an inbuilt natural termite resistance and will also repel other pests such as cockroaches. PH Neutral making it ideal for natives, most plant species and perfect for all garden beds.

Cypress Bark & Mulch is organic waste free and meets: AS4454-2012.


Retaining Moisture & Enhancing Growth

Cypress Mulch breaks down slowly and suppresses weeds and is environmentally sustainable. We have an excellent range of natural & vibrant colours that can save you up to 25% in water usage through water retention, making your plants greener and your gardens brighter.

A good quality mulch helps to prevent soil from drying out and suppresses weeds if placed thick enough. Did you know mulch is friendly to earthworms that are good for your soil?
Along with a lovely aroma, Tea Tree & Cypress Mulch's enrich the soil below and stimulate growth of plants.


5 Steps to Refresh your Garden

1. Location location location. Where is the mulch to be used? e.g. flat garden beds, windswept area, steep slopes or a combination.

2. Work out the colour that would compliment your garden, gold, orange, chocolate brown, black or deep red, this is a personal preference.

3. Work out how fine or course/chunky you want the mulch to be.

4. How long you want it to last (Cypress will last longer and retain its colour longer than other mulches).

5. How much do you need? Calculate the area you want to mulch by length x width x depth. Generally we recommend a minimum of 100 mm or 4 inches deep. The deeper the better for weed suppression.