Drainage Solutions

7mm Gravel: Often referred to as 'Pea Gravel', ideal for drainage and plumbing applications and used regularly for walkways, dog runs, playgrounds, patios, and a variety of other high-traffic areas.

20mm Gravel:  A high quality blue aggregate that is crushed and screened at the quarry to a consistent size, making it ideal for various uses. Perfect for paths, driveways, concreting, drainage pits, and retaining walls.

150-300mm Revetment: Ideal for river or coastal revetments built to preserve the shoreline and to protect the slope, as defence against erosion. Can also be used behind large retaining walls.


Compaction and Bases

Crusher Dust: Crusher Dust is commonly used as a foundation under paving, concrete slabs, or wherever compacted fill is required.  Crusher Dust is useful as a base for laying down pipes and serves as an ideal solution to stop soil from being waterlogged.

Roadbase: Roadbase consists of various sized particles containing coarse and fine aggregate to enable compaction. Roadbase can be used for many of your compacting jobs around the home, such as: paths, car parks, under slabs, driveways under water, and walkways.


Concrete Blends

Concrete Blend: For a high quality clean grey finish, this Concrete Blend is a pre-mixed washed sand and blue gravel blend - just add cement.

Post Blend: Perfect for post holes and footings, this blend is an economical way of concreting larger jobs. Made from washed sand and brown gravel blend - just add cement.


Recycled Concrete

A recycled drainage material, made from recycled concrete. It can be used as a more economical base for construction, drainage or civil works underpinning any significant landscaping project. Note – will break down over time.

Available in 20–40mm & 75-150mm Recycled Concrete