TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda


$16.50  per square metre

Slab size 1200mm x 600mm

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TifTuf is a dynamic fine leaf hybrid bermuda grass with a long list of high performance features. This shade tolerant, wear, drought, heat, weed, pest and disease resistant grass variety is the new and low maintenance grass of the future! Scientifically proven as the leading grass cultivar from the LSA House of Brands, TifTuf is set to be a popular choice for Australian backyards of all shapes and sizes. With all of the benefits of Sir Walter DNA Certified packed in to its fine leaf good looks, TifTuf will set the trend for new lawns well into 2018 and beyond.

TIPS for a beautiful lawn:
  1. Always use a good quality underturf soil – 50mm-100mm deep, never use a soil with compost or organic matter added as it will eventually break down and create an uneven lawn – check out our Sandy Loam Underturf.
  2. Add a Lawn Launcher before laying your Lawn that contains fertiliser & water saving crystals to help you lawn get established quickly – check out our Lawn Solutions Lawn Launcher.
  3. Roll your new Lawn once laid for a beautiful level lawn – we hire Lawn Rollers.


Next day direct delivery by Forklift truck Monday to Saturday  (recommended for orders over 40 SQM)

Direct delivery fee of $159 applies

Order by 2pm day prior.

Pick up or delivery by our trucks available Friday & Saturday

Order by 2pm day prior.

*Delivery fees apply, please call us for a quote.


TifTuf is a revolutionary new grass variety perfect for Australian backyards of all shapes and sizes. It’s versatility and suitability to a wide number of applications make it the ultimate ‘all rounder’ lawn of the future. It’s fine leaf produces low compact growth that can be neatly manicured for serious lawn fanatics, and will grow abundantly green with as little as 2-3 hours of direct sun. TifTuf is the ultimate lawn for home-owners wanting a stunning fine-leaf shade tolerant lawn that is both cost effective and as hardy as it sounds.



For many Australian homeowners, the peace of mind that comes with a low maintenance lawn is priceless. TifTuf takes the worry out of lawn maintenance with exceptional drought tolerance and pest and weed resistance. These highly sought after traits are rarely seen in one grass variety alone. With TifTuf you no longer need to sacrifice any of your wants and needs to have the lawn you’ve always wanted.



TifTuf is the most researched hybrid bermudagrass in the history of the turf industry. Trialled and tested under the international Tifton breeding program, TifTuf outperformed and excelled in all high performance criteria, resulting as the leading cultivar for the Lawn Solutions Australia House of Brands.


TifTuf offers superior natural resistance to common weeds and pests seen to effect other grass varieties on the market. This means you’re able to focus on the basics of lawn care with regular mowing and watering and worry less about pest and weed management. TifTif allows you to simply spend more time enjoying your lawn and maximising the versatility of your outdoor space.



Shade from trees, fences or structures won’t restrict the successful growth of a TifTuf lawn, as it requires only 2-3 hours of direct sun per day. If you’re looking for a fine-leaf shade tolerant lawn that excels in all high performance criteria, being wear, drought, heat, weed, pest and disease resistant – then TifTuf is the only choice for your backyard!



TifTuf’s exceptional wear resistance and high performance qualities also lend it to sports applications and high wear / high use environments. A high spec grass type on field, TifTuf makes for a high performance playing surface for sporting venues of any sport.