Plant Doctor – Activ8mate 1L



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Activ8mate is both a fertiliser and soil inoculant that can in turn feed the lawn, plants, trees etc, providing essential nutrients. With a myriad of key ingredients, it also provides food to soil microbes. This product combines the best of both organic and traditional products to make a great all-purpose liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Benefits –

  • Inoculates turf/grass & soil, aids in the conversion of “fertiliser” to complex plant nutrients.
  • Greens turf & lawn and slowly fertilises.
  • Improves disease resistance.
  • Powerful beneficial plant tonic
  • Buffers salts, increases micronutrient availability.
  • Promotes soil aeration/water penetration, reduces runoff.
  • helps stabilize nutrients in the rhizosphere where they remain available over a longer period of time.

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