Queensland Organics – Gypsum 25kg


$24.95 each



Natural Gypsum is our premium grade clay breaker that revives dense, hard clay soils that are difficult to cultivate – 100% natural, Australian mined

Natural gypsum is the most economical way to supply calcium and sulfur for soil that is hard to cultivate. It works by separating clay particles through a natural chemical reaction without changing the pH of the soil.

Qld Organics Natural Gypsum:

  • is an all-natural product, sourced in Australia
  • has a controlled moisture content of 2-3%
  • is screened to less than 3mm & will flow freely through spreaders
  • is non-radioactive, with less than 1ppm cadmium
  • is certified by Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia’s foremost organic certification body