Terrazzo Pots – modern & stylish

Our Terrazzo pots come with stylish designs in black or white and with that distinctive pebble fleck.
They will look stunning in any modern or contemporary home.
All our Terrazzo pots are made from a high grade concrete, they will not fade and are 30% lighter than normal Terrazzo Pots.

Find our selection below, including information on prices, colours and sizes for pick-up in our landscape supply store in Upper Coomera. If you want to know if your favorite pot is available in stock, or you’d like it to be delivered to your home, please give us a quick call at (07) 5549 3079.

Our selection of Terrazzo Pots:

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  • Terrazzo Pots – Egg $9
  • Terrazzo Pots- Camilla $49
  • Terrazzo Pots- Camilla Jumbo $79
  • Terrazzo Pots- Long John $19
  • Terrazzo Pots- Square $29
  • Terrazzo Pots- Tall Square $79
  • Terrazzo Pots- VLA $99