Robust – Fruit, Citrus & Shrub Fertiliser 500g


$14.95 each

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Fertilises fruit trees, citrus and shrubs instantly and continues feeding for up to 6 months.

Controlled release fertiliser + instant plant food & trace elements providing 6 months feeding.

Fruit trees, citrus trees and shrubs require large amounts of nutrients, vital trace elements & minerals to produce fast growth. Robust® Fruit, Citrus & Shrub provides a balanced blend of NPK plus essential trace elements, boosted with Chelated Iron, high Calcium and Magnesium plus extra potash to provide flourishing growth.

Robust® Fruit, Citrus & Shrub provides instant nutrition to promote fast growth plus controlled release nutrition to promote healthy root establishment, good branching & foliage growth, resulting in improved flower bud and fruit development.

NPK: 12 : 2 : 15