Sphagnum Moss 150g


$16.95 each

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Sphagnum Moss retains moisture excellently & is useful and decorative in terrariums, orchids, pots, hanging baskets, floral arrangements, terrariums & reptile housing.

• Natural organic material
• Superior water holding properties
• Adequate air space
• Been used extensively for packing around roots of bare root plants and for shipping plants.
• Used as lining of hanging basket frames.
• High cation exchange capacity
• Resistance to decay

150g Brick (expands to 12lt loose)

Sphagnum moss is the whole moss plant collected alive along with connected dead, but non-decomposed moss parts. Dried sphagnum moss is not generally used in potting mixes but may be used as a top dressing of shredded moss parts over seeds in germination trays. The moss is reported to have some fungicidal activity.