When you want to add something more to your garden or patio, you might be wondering how to make the most out of the potted plants you have. Small tweaks, such as glazed pots or structural designs will allow you to create a look for your patio that is entirely unique. To help you understand what you can do, Upper Coomera Landscape Supplies have some suggestions on how to brighten up your garden with pots.

Make use of matching pots

One way in which you can brighten up small spaces such as patios or the edges of pathways is to plant brightly coloured flowers and shrubs in matching pots. Using lavender as an example, take a few matching pots, add gravel and soil, and insert your small lavender plants. Cover over with soil and decorative rocks or gravel, and then place at the edge of your patio.

Mount your pots

If you don’t have a lot of room on the ground, but have plenty of walls and fences, you might create an eye-catching display for your garden using hanging pots and brackets. You can get these pots in a variety of colours, so there should be one that matches your walls. As an alternative, and to create a statement piece, use a single plant type (geranium, for example), and then match different pots to the flowers. Upper Coomera Landscape Supplies can help you with selecting the best plants for your wall.

Try hanging baskets

If you have a few hanging pots to hand, and only a single bracket to hang them from, you might choose to combine them. Wrap the hanger parts together with garden twine, plant hanging flowers including roses in the pots, and then use the twine to connect the pots to the bracket. Tie securely to keep your plants safe.

Stack up your pots

The more differently coloured pots you have, the more chance to create an eye-catching statement piece. Simply collect them together around a single, larger pot, and use small flowers and shrubs to call attention to your collection.

Add quirky pots

If you are lucky enough to have a number of glazed pots in your collection, or you want to buy some from the Upper Coomera Landscape Supplies range, then you can make your patio come alive. Simply fill them with plants that complement the pots, and contact us for any advice online, or call us on 07-5549-3079 now. We hope to hear from you soon!

Glazed pot with plants